Developmental Editing

As an editor, I am here to bring cohesion and focus to the creativity that inspires you. At the developmental editing stage, I comb through early manuscripts or script drafts, addressing language, structure, narrative, and more. After reading, I will compose a letter with edits and commentary to help further your piece. Through developmental editing, I aim to help you make your writing ready for pitching, production, and success.

Find an excerpt of one of my developmental letter written as an exercise on the published book, The Book Thief, here.

Audio Production

As an audio producer and director, I take notice of every small detail in the soundscape of recording. While directing audiobooks and text-to-sound work, I note the sections that need revisiting or adjustment, guiding a project towards our goals.

Find a research paper on podcasts as marketing here.


Marketing comes in many stages of a product and looks very different from project to project. First, we will evaluate where we want to go with your project and what needs to happen next, and then we build a plan for how to get there. Marketing is essentially, though, a way of reaching out to the collaborators—readers, listeners, reviewers, and more—who will help us succeed.


“Ari’s deliberate vision for a podcast that listens, reflects, and affirms became our guiding vision and helped us grow from a place of real authenticity and empathy. Ari is an excellent branding consultant, an organizational whiz who whipped our workflow into shape, and somehow managed time to help us reach out to guests who reflect our desired audience—young, intelligent and actively working a guide map for compassion. We love Ari and especially appreciate how they helped us understand the complexity of gender diversity, the mindset of a generation of principled young people, and the expansiveness of the human heart.”

- Sheila Hamilton, host of the Beyond Well podcast

"Ari has been an integral part of establishing an audiobook program at Ooligan. They excel both in noticing the small details and in seeing the big picture when providing feedback. As a director, Ari is great at adjusting their strategy based on the narrator's needs, be that recording full pages at once or taking the manuscript in smaller chunks. Ari also has a talent for providing positive reinforcement and keeping the narrator motivated during long sessions."

- Kate Barnes, Ricochet River audiobook producer