Photo Credit:  Sadie Verville

Photo Credit: Sadie Verville

Story is my favorite form of communication. I grew up a book lover, and I have grown to treasure every type of storytelling.

I am an editor, acquisitions manager, bookseller, and audio fiction fanatic. As a child, I read a book about a middle school author who teams up with her agent best friend, and I was hooked on publishing. Publishing became a world of adventure and discovery to me.

From physical books to audiobooks to podcasts and beyond, I’m here to be a part of making a story with you. I love the process of collaborating with creators to bring their pieces of inspiration into a whole reality. My editorial philosophy centers around partnering with younarrative creatorsto develop a story that fits your goals and mission.

In my own time, I consume stories with dark and ominous settings and richly woven own voices narratives. As a queer, nonbinary professional in publishing and production, I am personally invested in helping to develop stories that promote diversity in representation and understanding in readers. I read a wide array of fiction and I listen to both audio drama and well-crafted nonfiction that furthers my understanding of the world and humanity. Feel free to ask me what I’m reading or listening to, but if you ask me for my favorite podcast or book, I’ll hand you a list of more than fifty titles.